Royal Concertgebouw fires Gatti

Amsterdam’s Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra has dismissed its chief conductor, Daniele Gatti, following The Washington Post’s report of allegations against him of sexual harassment and complaints by several female colleagues in the orchestra.

A statement issued by the Royal Concertgebouw said that Gatti’s behavior “has irreparably damaged the relationship of trust between the orchestra and its chief conductor.”

Gatti has issued an apology through a public-relations firm, stating that he is “truly sorry. . . . Today and moving forward, I plan to focus much more on my behaviors and actions with all women.”

Since the Post article, by Anne Midgette and Peggy McGlone, was published on July 26, another of the prominent musicians against whom charges of sexual harassment were made, Cleveland Orchestra concertmaster William Preucil, has been suspended by the orchestra and has left the faculties of the Cleveland Institute of Music and Furman University; and a third alleged offender, Bernard Uzan, a stage director and opera artist manager, has quit the profession.

Midgette’s and McGlone’s latest report:

Meanwhile, Alberto Borbon, an attorney representing Gatti, states that the conductor is “extremely surprised and that he firmly denies all sorts of allegations,” and “has asked his lawyers to protect his reputation and to take all needed actions should this smear campaign continue,” The New York Times’ Michael Cooper reports:

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