Danes go to the dogs

For its Haydn Festival 2023 this fall, the Danmarks Underholdnings Orkester (Denmark Entertainment Orchestra) is holding auditions – for dogs.

The orchestra is mustering a canine quartet to bark during Leopold Mozart’s “Hunting” Symphony, being played on Sept. 3 at the Copenhagen Conservatory alongside Joseph Haydn’s “Children’s Symphony” and his symphonies Nos. 103 (“Drumroll”) and 104 (“London”).

Tryouts are being held on April 13 for dogs that can “start and stop barking on command,” the audition notice reads. “There will be a string quartet at the audition who will play, so your dog has something to ‘lean’ on.” (Um, don’t bring your best cello.)

“The jury consisting of [conductor] Adam Fischer, director Andreas Vetö and dog trainer Mikkel Røjkjær are very much looking forward to seeing the talented dogs and accompanying owners at the audition.”

The winning dogs’ humans will get four free tickets. No word on what the dogs get.

(via http://slippedisc.com)

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