About reviewing

I had hoped that by now I would be attending concerts and writing reviews of them. Then along came the Delta variant of Covid-19.

Although I’m fully vaccinated – and, given that the classical-music crowd trends older, I might safely assume that most people in concert audiences would be vaccinated, too – infection rates are rising and various case-trackers show most of Virginia in high-risk territory.

So, for a while yet – a short while, I hope, for more than concertgoing reasons – I’ve decided to continue playing it safe.

I’ll miss hearing today’s Chamber Music Society of Central Virginia-sponsored program by the Thalea String Quartet and cellist James Wilson. I’ll also miss attending next weekend’s season-opening Masterworks program by the Richmond Symphony; but I’ve signed up for the “Symphony at Home” video-audio stream that goes online a few days later and plan to review that performance.

And then we’ll see how things look in October and beyond.

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