Investigation findings fault Domingo

Plácido Domingo, the longtime star tenor, engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior, “ranging from flirtation to sexual advances, in and outside of the workplace,” an investigation by the American Guild of Musical Artists has found.

The guild is the principal union for opera singers and other artists and theatrical technicians in the field.

Domingo responded to announcement of the investigation’s results with a statement apologizing for his behavior, reading in part: “I accept full responsibility for my actions, and I have grown from this experience. I understand now that some women may have feared expressing themselves honestly because of a concern that their careers would be adversely affected if they did so. While that was never my intention, no one should ever be made to feel that way.”

The charges against Domingo, first aired in Associated Press reports in summer 2019, led to his resignation as artistic director the Los Angeles Opera and cancellation of engagements with other US companies. The 79-year-old tenor continues to perform with major European houses.

The New York Times’ Michael Cooper reports on the latest chapter of the Domingo investigation:

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