‘Locked into fixed positions’ in Chicago

The month-long strike by musicians of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra seems far from resolution, as the orchestra players reject a “last, best and final offer” from management. “As of now, both sides seem locked into fixed positions,” the Chicago Tribune’s Howard Reich reports:


* * *

“I don’t think either side—certainly not the musicians’ union judging by their public statements—has yet recognized the degree and intensity of harsh negative feelings that this strike has already produced among the general public, arts and culture observers and even their loyal subscribers,” Chicago Classical Review’s Lawrence Johnson writes. “The damage that is being done by the current strike may take years and even decades to repair—damage to the reputation of the CSO as an institution, to the popularity and positive feelings towards the musicians, and even to the city itself.”

CSO musicians, management need to end strike now–for the good of Chicago and themselves

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